Quench Your Thirst Disney Style

We’ve gone through the food options on a Disney Cruise, and now you are thirsty! Let’s go over all the options for quenching your thirst and maybe a little imbibing.


Non-Alcoholic Beverages

Soda and water, ice tea, etc.. is included on DCL which is a #DisneyDifference. Note that is is only included on the pool deck from the beverage dispensers, at Cabanas, and in the restaurants. If you order soda at a bar or from room service, you will be charged for it.


Alcohol and Beverages 

A swim up bar!

Disney Cruise Line has several options when it comes to beverage packages, but they do not offer an unlimited package like most cruise lines.

Disney Cruise Line offers a Drink of the Day for significantly less than regular cocktails, it’s usually a fruity concoction.

Drink of the Day ready for the sail away party.

Their Wine Package comes in Classic or Premier and either 3,4,5, 7 bottle/night options. Purchasing in advance saves you about 25% and does not include gratuity.


Disney Cruise Line offers Beer Packages as well. Either a Domestic or Imported 6 pack package (6 for the price of 5! when purchased in advance).


If you prefer draft beers, there is an option to purchase a 22 oz mug and then get refills for the price of a 16oz for the duration of the cruise. If the mug is too cumbersome to carry around, there is a token option and you can turn in the token at the end of the cruise for your take-home mug.

Pop up Carts will be located throughout the ship as well and sometimes specialty pop up carts serving some interesting concoctions.

They juice fresh tomatoes/lemons, etc to make bloody Marys on at-sea days!
Pineapple drinks! Fresh-squeezed cantaloupe juice was free!

Night Clubs, Bars, etc…

Disney Cruise Line has a number of bars, specialty, and adult entertainment areas. When ordering soda at a bar, you will be charged.  Usually, they will have some nuts or munchies included, evenings there may be a little buffet of snacks. Some offer menus with appetizers that can be ordered. Those will be at an additional cost.


Preludes is the snack bar outside the theater on each ship and snacks, popcorn, drinks are available at an additional cost. Servers also will be inside the theatre.

Cove Cafe is located by the 18+ area and specialty coffees are available at an additional charge. Note that pastries are available free of charge at Cove Cafe, so go ahead and pick out a pastry to go with your cappuccino!

Disney Cruise Line offers Mixology seminars. These should be pre-booked and do sell out. They also have an additional charge. But they are a lot of fun and you do get to drink your concoctions.



There are a few other options, like the Frozone with smoothies and other ice cream treats available at an additional cost. The children’s clubs will serve dinner to kids if they want to stay and eat there. The teen club Vibe has a smoothie bar that is included when they open it at select times.

As you can see, there is plenty of fun beverages for the adults on a Disney Cruise and not just in the adult-only areas, but throughout the ship. Get adventurous and try something new, take a Mixology Class, drink out of a pineapple!

Let’s cruise!

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