Stay Play Dine is back

Stay Play Dine is back!

Available now to Visa cardholders and should be available Monday September 28 to the general public.

dumbo_webTravel dates are December 13-19 and January 2 – March 7.  Required 3 nights and 2 day tickets minimum. Same exclusions, see below, plus Port Orleans Riverside (December only).

There is also a room only discount for January 2 – April 13.

Values 10-15%, Moderates 15-20%.  January and February have no discount on weekends. In March and April,  discount valid on weekdays and weekends. Deluxe and Villas have 15-25%, weekdays and weekends for all dates.

Usual exclusions apply. Excluded resorts are All Star Movies, Little Mermaid Rooms at AoA, Bay Lake Tower, Campsites at Fort Wilderness, Grand Floridian Villas, Polynesian Villas, Port Orleans French Quarter.

Contact me to start planning today!

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